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About us

At Soccer Profile, we are passionately committed to unlocking the full potential of soccer players across all levels of the game. Our mission is to foster excellence by seamlessly blending technical mastery and physical prowess in the beautiful game. We take immense pride in offering meticulously tailored programs that not only assess and nurture player development but also redefine it. Whether you stand alone as an individual player or unite with a team, our bespoke programs stand ready to catapult you toward achieving your goals.

Furthermore, our team/club accounts enable coaches to guide progress, identify capabilities, and elevate team dynamics to new heights. Join us on this worldwide voyage as we champion players and teams in their pursuit of unparalleled success, both on and off the pitch.

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Technical Assessments

Soccer Profile has meticulously developed four age specific technical assessments designed to replicate real-match scenarios. These assessments encompass multiple levels, strategically tailored to challenge players throughout their long-term development journey.

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Physical Assessments

Incorporating the guidance and expertise of Head of Fitness and Conditioning practitioners from Premier League clubs, we have designed four physical assessments. Each assessment closely replicates soccer movement patterns, challenges different energy systems, and simulates various types of muscular contractions—all of which are directly relevant to the game.

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Some of the best names in the business are endorsing Soccer Profile

Brendan Rodgers

Brendan Rodgers

Manager — Celtic FC

"I'm immensely proud to be associated with Soccer Profile, a platform developed within a world-class professional environment. It offers a fantastic opportunity for coaches and players to enhance their game."

Roberto Martinez

Roberto Martinez

Manager — Portugal National Football Team

"As a young player, the development of the technical side of your game is the most crucial aspect of progressing within the modern game. Soccer Profile will undoubtedly help you improve this area of your game."

Chris Davies

Chris Davies

Manager — Birmingham City FC

"Soccer Profile is a fantastic roadmap for the development of young players. It provides a process that allows you to enhance your players' technical skills and support their long-term development."

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