Coach Education
Assessment App

State of the art assessment app for elite coach education

  • PRO, A, B and C licence assessments, with built‐in feedback
  • Multiple assessments & Action plans
  • Online and Offline functionality
  • All criteria built‐in and bespoke to your organisation
  • Unique student feedback
  • Audio feedback
  • Remote assessment
  • Real time assessment
  • Easy to use
  • Time and efficiency savings
Mobile phone

Real time assessment capture

  • Session times
  • In play timings
  • Coaching styles
  • Ball rolling and non‐rolling time

Record multiple audio notes

Graphs and Statistical analysis builds the coaching profile over the multiple assessments

Mobile phone

Score coaches against criteria

  • Pre-populated feedback linked to each question and score
  • Colour‐coded scoring
  • Customisable criteria based on your requirements
  • All data captured and presented for both Assessor and coach
  • Action plan builder
Mobile phone

Feedback Dashboard

Coaches dashboard displays:

  • Scores
  • Feedback
  • Action plan
  • Coaching styles and timings
  • Playback of assessor audio feedback
  • Allows document and video uploads
  • Individual assessments and cumulative results
  • Colour‐coded scoring

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